Lumileds Adds New Far Red, Deep Red, and CoB products to its Portfolio of LEDs for Horticulture

Lumileds Luxeon SunPlus Series for Horticulture with newly added products

Lumileds of San Jose, California USA, introduced three new products in its Luxeon SunPlus Series of LEDs for horticulture applications. Lumileds asserts that the Luxeon SunPlus Series is the only line of LEDs on available to be tested and binned by photosynthetic photon flux (PPF). The range of colors facilitates wavelength tuning to help maximize crop yield in greenhouse and vertical farming applications.

The addition of Far Red and Deep Red to the Luxeon SunPlus 35 Line will allow designers of vertical farms and interweaving grow light fixtures to tune the output spectrum particularly for the crop being grown. The company also added purple to its Luxeon SunPlus CoB Line.

Lumileds optimized the Luxeon SunPlus 35 Line for vertical farming in shallow tiers permitting maximum uniformity at very short distances. The Far Red (720-740 nm) and Deep Red (650-670 nm) wavelengths join the existing Lime (broad spectrum), Royal Blue (445-455 nm), and three shades of Purple with differing contributions of blue (2.5%, 12.5% and 25%) in a 3.5 x 3.5 mm format.

“These essential red wavelengths are combined with blue to give the exact spectra needed for each crop. Our Horticulture Lighting Calculator is especially helpful in this context because lighting manufacturers can experiment with LED ratios and spectral power distributions before building the fixtures,” said Jennifer Holland, product line director of the Luxeon SunPlus Series.

SunPlus 35 COB line for Greenhouses not Vertical Farming

According to Lumileds, the wide market adoption and customer success of the Luxeon SunPlus 35 Purple and the demand for even greater PPF from single device led to the creation of the Luxeon SunPlus CoB Purple (12.5% blue) product. In contrast to vertical farming where the lighting is a short distance from plants, greenhouse lighting demands deep penetration into the plant canopy, and a directional COB can achieve this deep penetration. Lumileds also says that the CoB form factor permits the use of standard optics, holders, and drivers to help grow light makers accelerate time to market.

“The chip on board approach allows us to maximize PPF to as high as 350 µmol/s from a single source,” said Holland. The LUXEON SunPlus CoB Purple is available with 15, 19 and 32mm diameter light emitting surfaces.

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