Logic Announces Availability of its DLP LightCommander Development Kit

Logic announced the general availability of the DLP LightCommander, a development kit that enables users to easily integrate Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Projection (DLP) technology into light processing applications. The kit is designed to accelerate optical, electronic and system software development. Logic designs, manufactures and supports the DLP LightCommander and is showcasing this latest development platform in booth #1438 at the Embedded Systems Conference this week in San Jose.

The DLP LightCommander is a complete system comprised of modular assemblies that enables customers to prototype potential DLP applications in a matter of hours instead of days. The DLP Light Commander has a modular architecture, which includes an optical light engine, industry standard interfaces, and application software to expedite system development requiring high-speed spatial light modulation.

The DLP LightCommander contains a light engine comprised of an LED illumination module and a core optical module. At the heart of DLP technology is the Digital Micromirror Device (DMD). The Texas Instruments 0.55 XGA Chipset powers the DLP LightCommander. The DLP LightCommander also includes software to control the DMD timing for programmable, variable speed spatial light modulation. The user-defined DMD control includes binary patterns, 8-bit gray scale and video projection mode.

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