Light Polymers Introduces Crystallin PDC Phosphor Down Conversion Films for Mini and Micro-LEDs

Light Polymers, a nanochemistry firm specializing in lyotropic liquid crystals introduced its Crystallin technology for emerging micro and mini LED display applications. According to the company, the new material, based on its lyotropic liquid crystal technology, Crystallin will accelerate adoption of micro and mini-LEDs in displays for automotive, laptops, desktops, and industrial applications.

Light Polymers -- Crystallin phosphor converter film for blue micro and mini-LEDs

Light Polymers launched Crystallin PDC phosphor converter films for micro and mini-LEDs

The company’s new film uses it patented, water-based lyotropic liquid crystals, for Crystallin phosphor down-conversion of blue  mini and micro LED’s. Light Polymers laminates the Crystallin Performance PDC 100 phosphor down-conversion film to a substrate of blue mini or micro-LEDs and offers a color gamut that can reach 85%. The company’s Crystallin Premium PDC 500 can also be laminated to a substrate of blue mini and micro-LEDs, and the Crystallin Premium PDC 500 provides a color gamut as high as 95%.

Crystallin Premium PDC 500 Film Color Gamut Performance Similar to Non-Cadmium Quantum Dot Film

The company points out that this color gamut as high as 95% is similar to the performance of a non-cadmium quantum dot film without the thickness and cost issues usually associated with using highly reliable industry standard phosphors. Also, both the PDC 100 and PDC 500 films can also serve as diffusers, eliminating the need for additional diffusers.

Marc McConnaughey, chairman of Light Polymers Joint Ventures commented, “With the potential for high brightness at much lower power than LCD and OLED technologies, and with rich colors like OLED, the major hurdle to adopting Micro and Mini LED solutions will be cost, given the requirement of precisely placing thousands of Red, Green and Blue LEDs on a substrate.”

According to Sergey Fedotov, director of operations for Light Polymers, the Crystallin PDC films help simplify mini and micro LED-based LCD designs and shorten the learning curve about the mini and micro-LED technologies.

“Like most technologies, the performance, reliability, and cost learning curves mature step by step in the display industry. But with Crystallin PDC films, most if not all blue Micro and Mini LEDs in this startup period can be used along with an LCD cell stack, providing significant cost savings while enabling high-performance displays that are uniform in brightness and have no harmful blue or UV light leakage,” said Fedotov. “Since our manufacturing process is water-based, Crystallin films are environmentally friendly to manufacture and can be produced on an industry standard slot die production line by the millions of square meters. Light Polymers lyotropic materials are covered by over 50 patents and have revolutionized the capabilities of phosphor films, enabling novel, safe, superb performance, and high-quality display products.”

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