LG Innotek Showcasing UV LEDs at Radtech 2018

LG Innotek of Seoul Korea is participating in RadTech 2018, a UV lighting fair in Chicago, Illinois, on the 7th to 9th of this month. Notably, Ultraviolet or UV LEDs can eliminate germs and viruses depending on their wavelength. The company points out that they are commonly used for air, water, and surface disinfection, medicine, and biotechnology. Other potential applications include curing and light exposure equipment because they can chemically react with particular substances.

LG Innotek showcases 100mW UV-C LEDs at Radtech 2018

LG Innotek showcasing 100mW UV-C LEDs at Radtech 2018


“UV LED is an innovative product that enhances the quality of life by making our daily life cleaner and safer,” said a company official. “We will inform the value of UV LEDs in the United States and China, which are two global business bases with high potential demand.”

At RadTech 2018, more than 100 companies will present their latest products and hold talks about UV technology and market trends. In particular, the business that cure products such as printing and manufacturing will be carried out in the fair.

LG Innotek Introducing 30 Types of UV LED Packages at Radtech 2018

Also, at RadTech 2018, LG Innotek is debuting about 30 kinds of LED packages with UV wavelengths and light outputs optimized for various applications. The company plans to introduce UV light sources to buyers, with wavelengths ranging from 365 to 415 nanometers including UV-A, 305nm UV-B, and 278nm UV-C LED packages.

And LG Innotek also showcase what the company claims to be the world’s highest output 100-milliwatt UV-C LEDs.
Other UV LED products on display will include the company’s proprietary sterilization modules, curing and light exposure packages, as well as medical and biotech packages.

In addition, LG Innotek reports that it will also hold a UV LED Forum in Shenzhen, Guangdong province in China on the 29th of this month. LG Innotek intends to speed up cooperation with local companies and discover new partners.

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