LG Innotek Launches 70mW UV-C LED

LG Innotek introduces 70mW UV-C LED (6060 series)

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea, announced that the company developed the first 70mW UV-C LED. The firm created the LED for sterilization applications. According to the company, the UV-C LED’s sterilization performance is 1.5 times higher than their competitor’s 45mW module.

The UV-C LED produces short wavelength ultraviolet rays in the range of 200 – 280nm. This wavelength range allows it to be used for sterilization by destroying the DNA of bacteria, thereby preventing their proliferation. LG Innotek’s new product emits UV in the range of 280nm.

Previously, most UV-C LEDs were applied to small disinfection products because their low optical power made them less effective at sterilization. LG Innotek points out that the power of LEDs for toothbrush sterilizers is just 1mW and that for sterilizing the water tank of a humidifier is 2mW.

Vertical Chip Technology

LG Innotek utilized its proprietary LED vertical chip technology to improve UV-C LED’s optical power to 70mW. Although both the length and width of the device is just 6mm, the company contends that its sterilization performance is the world’s best.

The company’s specialized LED chip technology reportedly overcomes the UV output limit. The epitaxial structure design and vertical chip technology to maximize light extraction. The firm also designed the LED package for efficient heat dispersion that helps ensure reliability.

The high output and compact size enable the LED to be used in water and air purifiers to sterilize flowing water and air. UV-C LEDs such as the new device are also good for hardening equipment (UV-curing) in the manufacturing industry. With the stronger UV output, the performance of the curing device can be enhanced.

The company says it employs rigorous quality management through every step of UV LED production from epiwafers and chips to packages and modules.

Ho-rim Jung, the vice president of LED marketing division, said that the company developed the 70mW product for the expected expansion of the UV-C application field. He added, “We will continue to show high-quality, innovative products.”

In addition to the latest UV LED, LG Innotek has a lineup of LEDs including 365nm, 385nm, 395nm, and 405nm UV-A LEDs for industrial purposes, and 305nm UV-B LEDs for bio and medical purposes.

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