LG Innotek Introduces Waterproof UV LED Module

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea, reported that it supplied the company’s UV LED module for water purifiers to a renowned Japanese purifier maker for the past year. Furthermore, the company says that the UV LED module has achieved a zero defect rate over about 50,000 modules in the water purifiers.

The UV LEDs emit ultraviolet light with a short wavelength of 200 to 400 nanometers (nm). It eliminates germs and viruses and chemically reacts with particular substances for surface, water, and air disinfection, in the healthcare, medical care, and biotechnology sectors. Additionally, UV LEDs can be utilized for curing and exposure equipment.

LG Innotek waterproof UV LED Module

LG Innotek waterproof UV LED Module

UV LED Module IPX8 Rated for Waterproof Operation

Uniquely, LG Innotek’s UV LED module with waterproof feature allows the device to emit ultraviolet rays for direct removal of 99.9% of various germs and viruses while submerged in the water of the water purifier’s tank. The device’s waterproof operation makes it perfect for water purifiers with a water tank and installation in the bottom or sides of the water tank. According to the company, the UV LED module boasts IPX8 level of complete waterproof performance of IPX8 level, the highest level among international waterproof standards. The device is safe to operate for a long time at a water depth of 1 meters.

LG Innotek’s UV LED contains no toxins or heavy metals, and unlike conventional mercury UV lamps, the device is safe from breaking. The company contends that the product is convenient to use because it controls sterilizing ultraviolet rays quickly and precisely. While a mercury UV lamp needs about two minutes of preheating, LG Innotek’s UV LED module can turn on instantly.

In November of last year, LG Innotek developed a 100mW UV-C LED, and the company contends that this development was two years earlier than the industry expected. Additionally, the company has delivered a UV LED module for sterilization of water purifier faucets last April. One system using the company’s UV LED technology is the PuriCare Slim Up-down water purifier from LG Electronics, a direct-water type water purifier.

The company official said, “LG Innotek’s UV LED module gained approval in the home of LED for their sterilizing performance and quality, speeding up the plan to reach the global market.”

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