LG Innotek Debuts First ‘Handrail UV LED Sterilizer’

LG Innotek introduces Handrail UV LED Sterilizer

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea, has released the ‘Handrail UV LED Sterilizer’. The device uses UV LEDs to remove germs from handrails of escalators. The handrails of moving-walks and escalators are extremely vulnerable to infection because each of them is in contact with up to thousands of people’s hands each day. LG Innotek insists that no other reasonable measures of disinfection have been taken other than wiping them two to three times a day with hand towels. This exposure is why some people are hesitant to grab handrails.

The company says that the sterilizer can continuously disinfect the rails during an escalator’s operation. Furthermore, LG Innotek says that the device also offers easy installation and management. The company’s UV LED technology is at the core of the development.

Handrail Sterilizer Kills 99.99% of Germs

According to the firm, Handrail UV LED Sterilizer kills 99.99% of the germs on the surface of a handrail. This germ killing occurs just before a passenger places his or her hand on the handrails. The sterilizer is positioned on the front portion of the handrail. It emits UV rays onto the handle which passes through this point. The UV LED light with a wavelength of 278 nanometers(nm) completely destroys the DNA of germs, thereby blocking any sources of infection from spreading. The company says the light is also harmless to the human body because it does not use any chemicals or heavy metals.

Installation only requires attaching a sterilizer that is half the size of half an A4 paper, without any changes to the existing facility. When the escalator turns on, the sterilizer also immediately starts to work. The wireless sterilizer does not need a power supply.
The device gets electric power from the movement of the handle generating electricity.

LG Innotek says that official institutions around the globe have already approved the performance and safety of Handrail UV LED Sterilizer. Also, the product has acquired the CE certificate from the European Union and the KC certificate from Korea for safety, environmental sustainability, and health.

The Company officials said, “This product is an innovative product that improves hygiene and safety at the same time.”

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