LG Innotek Debuts 100mW UV-C LED

LG Innotek 100mW UV-C LED

LG Innotek of Seoul, South Korea reported that the company has created a 100mW (mill watts) UV-C LED. The company notes that this development is 2 years ahead of the industry predictions about its successful development by 2020. A UV-C LED (also known as a Deep UV LED) emits ultraviolet light with short wavelengths ranging between 200 – 280 nanometers (nm). Such UV-C LEDs can destroy bacterial DNA for sterilizing and cause chemical reactions with special materials for applications such as hardening and curing. LG Innotek’s new 100mW UV-C LED emits UV in the range of 278nm.

The company points out that while UV-C LEDs can deliver more powerful sterilizing effects with higher light output, the heat they generate makes it difficult to achieve stable and reliable products. LG Innotek further notes that the industry leaders in UV-C LEDs have also planned to introduce 100mW UV-C LEDs by 2020, but LG Innotek says it is the first company to do so.

The company says that this new UV-C LED applies its vertical chip technology and epitaxial structure that can help maximize light extraction. The design reportedly raises the ultraviolet output and dramatically discharges the heat for a more stable and reliable LED. The company claims that this one 100mW UV-C LED can emit strong ultraviolet light for more than 10,000 hours.

With UV-C light output of 100mW, LG Innotek can now expanding its UV-C LED application field. According to the firm, the intensity of the LED allows it to rapidly sterilize flowing water and even air. Potential applications for the LED include water purifiers, air purifiers, and building and automotive air conditioning systems, as well as water treatment devices.

While conventional UV-C LEDs with a light output of 1~2mW are usually used for small household appliances or portable sterilizers, their weak UV-C intensity greatly limits the scope of their potential applications.

LG Innotek expects that the demand for 100mW UV-C LEDs will increase rapidly as the desire for more powerful UV-C LEDs continues to grow. The company also asserts that it has proven its UV LED quality and competitiveness with the launch of pioneering products including an LED module for sterilizing a water purifier faucet aerator and a UV LED sterilizer for escalator handrails.

“We will continue to widen the technological gap with our competitors and introduce innovative products that our customers desire to stay as the leader of the market,” an LG Innotek representative said.

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