LEDiL Releases New Optics Portfolio

LEDiL Oy of Norway has introduced a new optics portfolio including Strada, Carmen, and Florence products.


LEDiL -- Carmen Optic

LEDiL — Carmen Optic

The firm released the CARMEN optic for track, retail, general indoor, and outdoor architectural lighting. The CARMEN features a new hybrid lens and reflector design. According to LEDiL the CARMEN’s design reduces glare, protects the chip-on-board LED from tampering and dust, and takes better advantage of light emitted by a light source.
The CARMEN optic delivers improved optical performance, sharp cutoff and minimized spill light compared to metal coated reflectors, LEDiL says.


The company expanded its Florence family to include IP-models. The Florence-3R-IP features an integrated silicone gasket that offers ingress protection against water and dust. The 3×11 optics layout of the Florence-3R-IP is compatible with Zhaga book 7 three-row (L28W6) light engines and mid-power LEDs.

The surface eliminates bright spots to create a uniform surface brightness. For this reason, LEDil says that the Florence-3R-IP is suitable for tunable white applications. The Florence-3R-IP optics are compatible with indoor and industrial lighting applications and can be used in low bays and hallway lighting.


LEDiL -- Zorya- Mini omnidirectional optic

LEDiL — Zorya- Mini omnidirectional optic

The ZORYA-Mini, a small hemispherical optic for traditional bulb retrofits and decorative lighting, offers about 340 degrees of light distribution. Each cone-shaped point acts as an individual optic to maximize beam spread. The result is a uniform, omnidirectional light distribution that mimics the pattern of a conventional bulb.

The Energy Star compliant ZORYA-Mini offers a nearly 50/50 front and backlight ratio. LEDiL says that the ZORYA-Mini is fully compatible with RGB LEDs and can provide excellent color mixing.

Strada 2×2-FW and IP-2×6-FW

LEDiL also broadened its line of STRADA optics. The new Strada optics include the 2×2-FW and the IP-2×6-FW, which both deliver wide light distribution from a LEDiL standardized form factor.
The company created both of these Strada optics for Type III street light applications. The two Strada optics direct almost all of the light forward (and down), and very little of the light goes backward. LEDiL says that the two Strada optics can illuminate the road from twice the mounting height as conventional Strada optics.

Strada 2×2-MEW

LEDiL has also added the Strada-2×2-MEW. The firm created the 2×2-MEW especially for lighting wet roads. The optic meets Nordic requirements for the lighting of wet streets MEW and can also be used as an optic for Type II short, and full cutoff streetlights.

The 2×2-MEW has extremely low glare (luminous intensity class G6 in Europe / IESNA Full cutoff) and distributes light uniformly between two lanes to reduce reflections. The 2×2 MEW optic works with poles that have overhangs of 1 to 2.5 meters.

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