Kaistar Licenses Epistar’s LED Filament Patents

Epistar reported it has reached a licensing agreement with Kaistar Lighting (Xiamen) Co., Ltd.(Kaistar). Under the agreement, the Kaistar has licensed Epistar’s LED filament patents to Kaistar for use in the LED filament bulb products of Kaistar and its subsidiaries. Epistar says it holds fundamental intellectual property regarding the LED filament technology used in LED filament bulbs. According to Epistar, its LED filament patents describe, among other things, LED filament structure(s), and light-emitting product(s) using LED filament(s). Furthermore, Epistar says that its patent portfolio for LED filaments covers Taiwan, China, the United States, Europe, and other regions.

In the announcement about the licensing, Epistar pointed out that intellectual property rights are critical to technology development at the company, and Epistar expects the industry to respect them. Also, Epistar says it will take action as it deems necessary to protect its rights as well as the interests of customers, strategic partners and shareholders.

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