John Innes Centre Orders Heliospectra LED Grow Lights for Research

The Swedish maker of LED grow lights, Heliospectra AB, announced a new order from John Innes Centre in Norwich, UK.
The John Innes Centre serves as an independent, international center for plant science, research, genetics, and microbiology. The order from the John Innes Centre is valued at £ 92,248 (1 048 273 SEK or about $119,785).

Heliospectra -- LX60 industrial LED grow light

Heliospectra — LX60 industrial LED grow light

Heliospectra says that the John Innes Centre’s order of its LX60 series lamps offers a holistic and flexible solution. The LX60 LED grow lamps feature an adjustable spectrum. The intelligent LED grow lights integrate with the company’s recently announced CORTEX software control. Heliospectra contends that the CORTEX software control improves operations, production yields, and research quality for scientists and cultivators.

The John Innes Centre has a 50-year history of plant science.  Certain LED grow light recipes have been found to change the nutritional profile of crops. Heliospectra’s LED grow light technology and control software can be used to change the nutritional profile and yield of crops.

“Helisopectra’s collaboration with one of Europe’s leading research institutions presents the opportunity for our teams of plant science experts to advance commercial greenhouse applications,” said Ali Ahmadian, CEO of Heliospectra. “The innovative use of LED technologies optimizes plant health, nutritional profiles and crop quality. The research results and knowledge shared support a sustainable future for communities across the globe.”

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