Idemitsu and Toray to Collaborate on OLED Material Development

Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. of Tokyo, Japan reports that it has agreed to collaborate with Toray on developing new OLED materials and material evaluation. Furthermore, as part of the agreement, the companies plan to cooperate and use their assets including both evaluation and production facilities to improve the performance and the durability of OLED displays and to reduce the costs of the materials that they supply. With this agreement for technical collaboration, the companies intend to help develop and commercialize better OLED materials than those currently available on the market.

Idemitsu says it is developing, producing, and selling advanced luminescent materials and carrier transporting materials, such as its hole transport materials. According to Idemitsu, these materials have been utilized in many OLED displays, such as those for smartphones and TVs. Moreover, Idemitsu says it has actively developed combinations of these materials to optimize OLED display performance.

Toray OLED Materials Business

Toray says it OLED materials business researches, develops, produces, and sells advanced materials, such as its electron transport materials that employ the company’s proprietary molecular design technology. Also, Toray is developing, making and selling insulating materials that help guarantee the quality and enhance the durability of OLED displays. Also, Toray is developing, producing, and selling new materials to help commercialize flexible displays.

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