HPL to Use Bioraytron Brand UV-C LEDs for Still Water Purification

High Power Lighting a service provider of invisible LED packaging has been collaborating LED maker Epileds Technologies to develop ultraviolet -C LEDs that emit in a wavelength of 240-290nm. Such LEDs are used for water and air disinfection under the two company’s joint-venture brand Bioraytron.

Bioraytron brand UV-C LED devices have been used for disinfecting home appliances, consumer electronics, kitchenware, and even toilets. HPL said that that it now intends to use the LEDs for in still water purification, according to a DigiTimes article.

HPL Hopes to Enter Still Water Purification Market

Bioraytron B35 UV-C LED device uses heat-dissipating copper substrates coupled with quartz optical lenses to attain high light extraction efficiency, according to HPL. With UV wavelengths of 275-285nm and 265-275nm, the model comes in three light-emitting angles, 60, 90, and 120 degrees.

Digitimes points out that UV-C LED prices have decline to about US$1-3/mW. And by sometime in 2018, HPL hopes the product will start to be used for medical disinfection as well as purification of home- and industrial-use water in 2018.


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