Harvatek Slips on Agilent Slide in LED Orders for Handsets

Either handset manufacturers are loaded with stock when it comes to LEDs, or
they’re cutting back… or shifting suppliers, but according to a DigiTimes
article titled Harvatek
reports slow SMD LED shipments in July, fewer orders from Agilent
Carrie Yu, Harvatek saw its shipments of SMD LED chips decline by 20-30 million
units in July on decreased orders from its major client, Agilent Technologies.
Harvatek also supplies LEDs to Osram Opto Semiconductor and handset makers in
China and South Korea. Its Taiwan competitors include Epistar, Formosa Epitaxy,
Bright LED, Lite-On Technology, Ligitek Electronics, Everlight Electronics and
Unity Opto Technology. The breakdown in product shipments, according to the
article, is that, in addition to the SMD LEDs, Harvatek also ships 1-2 million
RGB (red/green/blue) LEDs per month for applications as mobile-phone backlight
modules and that it plans to produce small volumes of RGB LEDs, to be used as
backlighting for PDAs, digital cameras and LCD monitors in five-, seven- and
17-inch sizes. According to the report, Harvatek shipped 170 million SMD LEDs
last month, with about 130 million targeted for use as handset LEDs. According
to a report in late June, Harvatek shipped more than 600 million SMD LEDs in
their second quarter. Expectations are that there will be a rise in SMD LED
shipments in the late summer/early fall due to "seasonal factors,"
only to see a slide again in November.

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