GE Claims Perfect Reds Now Attainable in LED Backlit Displays with its TriGain™ Technology

GE plans to manufacture TriGain™, the company’s family of enhanced potassium fluorosilicate (PFS) phosphors for use in LED-based display backlight applications. According to GE, the TriGain family of phosphors provides improved narrow red band performance for sharper and cleaner reds and richer picture quality. GE Lighting is now offering samples of TriGain with production quantities available in mid-2015.

The company says that TriGain gives display manufacturers access to the previously elusive “perfect red”. GE contends that TriGain also makes other colors clearer for enhanced picture quality in LCD TV’s, tablets, and smartphones. The company plans to manufacture and supply TriGain to complement the growing use by its licensees because only GE has the patents to use PFS phosphor in an LED package.

“This breakthrough was only possible through GE’s prevailing leadership in the advancement of LED technology,” said Jerry Duffy, GE Lighting Global Product General Manager. “Adding to the breakthrough is GE’s proprietary improvements to phosphor synthesis, including decreased particle sizes, higher quantum efficiencies and longer life when compared to standard PFS. Many devices currently on the market offer lower-quality red components in LED—what GE has achieved technically will turn the tide toward more vibrant color in a range of consumer electronics.”
GE intends to manufacture TriGain phosphors with the company’s proprietary processes at a Cleveland-based GE Lighting facility.

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