FoxFury Distributing NOAH’s Portable, Forensic PL Lasers

NOAH PL Laser with case and laser protection glasses

FoxFury Lighting Solutions is now distributing NOAH LLC’s new lineup of powerful, portable forensic blue laser systems.
The new line includes cord-free, 2W, 5W and 9W models for use with forensic evidence search and photography in the lab and field. According to FoxFury, these laser systems are silent, waterproof, and come with a carrying case and laser goggles.

Such laser systems can help visualize forensic evidence. However, Forensic lasers have traditionally been costly, large, heavy tools that were impractical to use outside of the lab. FoxFury says that the affordable NOAH PL Portable Blue  Laser Systems, by comparison, are lightweight, cord-free, and powerful. All three laser systems emit 445 nm blue light. According to the company, this wavelength of lasers enables evidence to be seen more easily and at greater distances than non-laser-based forensic light sources.

FoxFury says that these PL laser systems can be used in searching for and photographing blood, latent prints, gunshot residue, bite marks, bruising, bones, teeth, and serological evidence including saliva, urine, and semen. The rechargeable and tripod mountable PL Blue laser systems are suitable for lab and field use. They feature impact resistant, waterproof construction that can be decontaminated. All the systems come with a charger, carrying case, and either orange or orange and yellow laser goggles.

“The PL is an amazing photographic lighting tool that travels easily and enables detailed photography and viewing of forensic evidence,” said Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury.

These NOAH laser systems are patent pending. Training is available with a purchase of select models.

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