Everlight to Showcase Agricultural LEDs and Products at LIGHTFAIR 2018

Everlight Electronics Industry Co., Ltd. of New Taipei City, Taiwan plans to present a full range of agricultural LEDs, various lighting applications and corresponding products at LIGHTFAIR 2018 in Chicago including grow lights and even fishing lights. (at Stall No: 607).

In recent years, LEDs have gone beyond just replacing high-pressure sodium lights and have been widely adopted for agricultural lighting. Various combinations of monochromatic LED lamps can effectively meet particular spectrum and optical performance requirements. Specifically, Everlight reports that it has developed a series power LED products covering the complete PAR spectrum from 450nm to 745nm for agricultural and horticultural lighting.

3535-ELB Horti 3030-ELB Horti 2835-ELB Horti Zhaga 2ft 3030 PC Red-ELB

Everlight Electronics — Left to right 3535-ELB Horti, 3030-ELB Horti, 2835-ELB Horti, Zhaga 2ft, 3030 PC Red-ELB

According to different power needs the LEDs for horticulture and agriculture can be divided into high-power ceramic SHWO 3535-ELB, medium power 3030-ELB, and low power 2835-ELB. The company’s new 2835 PC Red-ELB (2.8×3.5×0.7mm), for a special 5% Blue Intensity color temperature, can Reach 35% wall plug efficiency while consuming .5 W to replace Royal Blue & Deep Red light sources together.

The 15lm 3535-ELB series measuring 3.5 x 3.5 x 2.03mm boasts high light efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and it features a wall plug efficiency of 65%. The company points out that all the color products have passed the LM80 test and certification, ensuring the service life of the LED.

At the booth, the company will display the grow lights and fishing lights using the 3535-ELB series. Everlight Electronics plans to show off its complete family of agricultural LEDs to meet various requirements. Also at the booth, Everlight will present a two-foot grow light panel that meets Zhaga specifications. The panel measures 560 x 20 x 1.0 mm and consumes 12 W. It features LEDs with wavelengths of 660nm, 450nm, and medium power to produce 3129mW output or 16.377 umol, suitable for indoor farming applications.

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