Epistar Likely to Begin Producing Micro LED

In the second half of 2017, LED chip maker, Epistar is likely to begin producing Mini LED chips with sizes of just 100-micron, according to a Digitimes article. The company will reportedly collaborate with international clients on Micro LED chip production. Epistar says that the Micro LED chips will be used in large displays.

Epistar points out that its has been developing Micro LED chips for some time and has reached target specifications in the lab. However, the company says it has had issues with stability and yield rates that need to be solved before it begins production.

Epistar president Jou Ming-jiunn said that the time-frame for Micro LED chips to be used commercially depends on the cost of production. The company expects that the use of these tiny chips in high-end fine pixel pitch LED displays may begin in 2017.However, Jou noted that their utilization in TVs or smartphones would depend on whether costs can be lowered.

For fine pixel pitch LED displays, Epistar says it has reduced chip packaging sizes to 0.5mm by 0.5mm, and the smallest size could be just 0.4mm by 0.4mm. Opportunities for further size reduction for even higher resolutions lie in this technology, Jou pointed out. Micro LED chip applications will fall in two main segments: the small display market for smart wearables and mobile devices, and the market for large displays.

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