Daktronics Introduces DB-6400 Featuring Snap Auto-blending Calibration

Daktronics of Brookings, South Dakota, introduced the DB-6400, the latest addition to their DB-6000 digital billboard series. Daktronics says that this new series adds features that improve lifetime image quality. The series offers the company’s recently debuted Snap auto-blending calibration and a 10-year brightness guarantee. The new series also adds a high-contrast proprietary louver design, a high-quality, targeted LED, and matte module coating, and the displays ship with a brightness of 8,500 nits.

Daktronics Snap calibration, a first for Out of Home displays, allows display modules to auto-blend to their surrounding modules. The auto-blend feature is accomplished with the touch of a button, thereby, reducing service times and eliminating the ‘patchwork’ variation that many aging displays suffer.

“We understand that outdoor companies have a number of business drivers, but when it comes to digital billboard technology there are two that highly impact revenue – product reliability and lifetime image quality,” said Collin Huber, Daktronics OOH sales manager. “Our new DB-6400 makes it easy for display owners to maximize revenue on day one and for the life of their display.”

Joni Schmeichel, Daktronics OOH marketing strategist, commented, “Image is everything, at least to advertisers, …This is why we don’t take shortcuts when it comes to image quality. We work diligently to continually increase display contrast and ship at a higher brightness level; it is also why we source the highest-quality, targeted LEDs. It’s the combination of these features that set Daktronics digital billboards apart.”