Company Debuts Waterproof Flashlight for GoPro Camera

A company called Sea Lantern has launched an extremely robust, waterproof flashlight called Flame Angel. The Flame Angel is designed to be used as a handheld flashlight or work alongside the GoPro camera. The company is attempting to get funding for the new product through a Kickstarter campaign.

The company claims that the Flame Angel™ can operate at greater depths (up to 300 m) than what any scuba diver dares to go. The company says that it designed the Flame Angel™  to be more natural and reliable in its operation with a new type of user interface called PPEC+. The company contends that the robust design offers effortless functionality without having to worry about getting sand stuck in it or break and tear the rubber seals since PPEC+.

Flame Angel™ comes either as a Video or Sport Version. The Sport version utilizes a reflector to focus the LED for greater distance penetration. Three different alloys go into Flame Angel™  to make it as robust as possible. Flame Angel™ Aluminum is reportedly lightweight and crafted from tempered Aluminum billet and hard gray anodized aluminum for a very hard, scratch and corrosion resistant body.

The flashlight employs an austenite alloy, which is much less prone to scratches corrosion. A selective black ceramic treatment gives Flame Angel™ Austenite its characteristic look.

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