Collisions with Surrounding LED Displays Injure Two Cats Rugby Players

Within less than 15 minutes in an Australian Football League (Rugby) match, in two separated incidents, players, Mark Blicavs and Zach Tuohy collided with the LED screen surrounding the field causing injuries to their hands, according to Fox Sports. One man, Mark Blicavs required 14 stitches. Both Cats players were bloodied in the separate collisions with the wall.

Both players hit the rough surface of the LED screens with great force after going out of bounds.

Cats coach Chris Scott said to a reporter at Fox sports, “Either that’s freakish, to have that happen to two players in 15 minutes and it’s never going to happen again, or there’s a bit of a problem that needs to be addressed.”

Premiership coach Paul Roos characterized the LED display-caused injuries as “unacceptable”.

League football (Rugby) chief Steve Hocking told the press that he would conduct a safety review but pointed out that the new stadium had passed safety inspections. Hocking said, “The LED is the same as what’s on display at the MCG, the same as Etihad Stadium, the same as (Geelong’s) stadium. He added, “It is unfortunate, and we’ll work with the club over the coming days to see what we need to do to support the players.”

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