Internet of Things

Research Team Uses Conventional Solar Cell as LiFi Receiver in Prototype

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh have developed a prototype system that combines solar power and Li-Fi. In the developing world, access to reliable power is a prohibitive obstacle to accessing Internet communication and Wi-Fi. The idea, which Edinburgh University’s Professor Harald Haas pioneered, seeks to bring solar powered Li-Fi …

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Chinese Investment Group to Acquire LED Maker Bridgelux; Bridgelux to Spin-off LED Module Business to Focus on IoT Market

Bridgelux of Livermore, California USA, announced that through the signing of a definitive agreement, China Electronics Corporation (CEC), and ChongQing Linkong Development Investment Company will acquire the company. Bridgelux also announced that it will spin off its smart lighting business in a company called Xenio. Xenio will focus on the …

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