IoT sensors using IR LEDs

Tyntek and Opto Tech to Raise IR LED Sensing Device Production Capacity

LED chipmakers and packagers Tyntek and Opto Tech plan to increase production capacities for infrared (IR) LED sensing devices, according to a DigiTimes article, which cited industry sources. According to the article, Opto Tech has set aside NT$350-450 million (US$11.6-14.9 million) mainly for growing IR LED sensing device production capacity …

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Show Denko Extends IR LED Lineup

Showa Denko of Tokyo has expanded its portfolio of infrared LED chips (IR-LEDs). According to the company, its IR LEDs are primarily used as parts of sensors for IoT-related devices and parts of photo-couplers for gate drivers. SDK’s IR LED product has three categories including traditional LEDs fabricated with Liquid …

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