BluGlass Agrees to Continue Work with Lumileds on LED Fabrication Using RPCVD

BluGlass Limited, an Austrailian company known for its Remote Plasma Chemical Vapour Deposition (RPCVD) technology, has agreed to extend the company’s Phase II collaboration with LED maker Lumileds. The companies intend to use the collaboration extension to accelerate the development of new applications of LEDs fabricated using BluGlass’ RPCVD technology.

BluGlass engineer working with RPCVD system

BluGlass engineer working with RPCVD system

BluGlass points out that the collaboration agreement is one of several partnerships the company has as part of its continuing effort to commercialize its RPCVD semiconductor manufacturing technology, and to continue the development of intellectual property in this sector. The company also offers patented hardware and processes aimed at producing more efficient semiconductor components at lower cost, to address the LED market.

Together, BluGlass and Lumileds have identified strategies to hasten the development, which include shortening turnaround times of project iterations.

“Today, Lumileds is committed to this project and looks forward to realizing the benefits of this new technology,” said Parijat Deb, senior director R&D of Lumileds.

BluGlass managing director Giles Bourne said, “The Lumileds collaboration remains a key priority for BluGlass. We look forward to expediting progress and continuing to work with Lumileds towards identifying what new commercial opportunities might exist.”

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