AU Optronics Demos Highest Resolution Full-Color TFT-Driven Micro LED Display

AU Optronics claims highest resolution, TFT-driven micro LED display-- 169 pixels per inch

At SID’s Display Week 2018, AU Optronics of Hsinchu, Taiwan debuted what the company claims to be the world’s highest resolution and full-color TFT-driven micro LED display technology. Micro LED technology is utilized for self-emissive displays with micro-LED array structure. Such displays deliver high brightness, high contrast ratio, and wide color gamut. Also, micro LED displays provide these performance improvements over a wide viewing angle, in a slim and light design that uses low power consumption but has a fast response time.

AUO demonstrated this full-color 8-inch TFT-driven micro LED display developed with LTPS-TFT backplane. The display enables each pixel to be lighted independently to achieve more refined images with high dynamic range. Additionally, the display consumes less power than other displays of that size.

AU Optronics boasts that the display achieves 169 pixels per inch pixel density with micro LEDs less than 30 micrometers in size. The company also claims that with a combination of color conversion technologies, the display can yield even more accurate high dynamic range color performance.

AUO indicated in a news release about the new technology that it will continue to invest in R&D resources to secure core technologies and make further advances in the future.