Analog Devices Introduces New LED Flash Driver for Camera Phones

Analog Devices Inc. (ADI) has added a new 1500-mA white LED driver. The ADP1650, an inductive-based flash driver has a 4-bit ADC, two separate TxMASK inputs, a programmable I²C interface, and a programmable flash and torch currents up to 1500 mA for single LED.

According to the company, the ADP1650 LED driver offers 85 percent high-efficiency at a battery voltage at 90 percent peak. The driver is comes in a 12-ball WLCSP package. The compact LED driver reportedly decreases the battery current draw and increases the input power to LED power conversion during flash processes. The company contends that this allows it to deliver efficient operation on any battery voltage. The ADI LED driver uses the limited battery current meant for flash. Therefore it connects to the advanced image processors and sensors easily, offering remarkable picture quality in low light.

Group, Jose Rodriguez, Analog Devices’ technical director of Power Management Technology, noted that customers consider camera quality as one of the main features while choosing a mobile phone. He indicated that for this reason, a quality flash is essential because camera phones are often used to take images in dim light, or during talking.

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