All Star Lighting Supplies (Luxrite) LED Filament Bulbs Alleged to Infringe Epistar Patents

Taiwan LED producer Epistar Corporation filed a patent infringement lawsuit against All Star Lighting Supplies, Inc., which does business as Luxrite. Epistar filed the lawsuit in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey on October 13, 2017. The complaint alleges that the LED filament bulbs of Luxrite infringe eight of Epistar’s U.S. patents and asks for injunctive relief to block the further sale of the infringing products.

Luxrite sells a variety of lighting technologies including compact fluorescent, LED, halogen, HID lights, and some incandescent bulbs. However, the technology that Luxrite produces is LED lighting. The company apparently buys the packaged LEDs for these products it makes from a supplier.

Luxrite LED Filament Bulbs Alleged to Infringe Epistar Patents

Epistar’s infringement complaint asserts that Luxrite’s LED filament bulbs including the LR21205 Light Bulbs (P/N: LED4EFC/CL/27K) infringe one or more claims of Epistar’s U.S. Patents 7,355,208, 7,489,068, 7,560,738, 8,791,467, 9,065,022, 9,257,604, 9,488,321, and 9,664,340. These patents relate to the underlying structure, configuration, and fabrication of LEDs.

Epistar points out that the company has invested millions of dollars into the research and development of LED technologies.
Furthermore, Epistar says that these research and development efforts have resulted in a patent portfolio consisting of over 4000 issued patents and pending patent applications. Also, Epistar says that this investment has been the basis of LED filament (bulb) and/or LED bulb technologies that have empowered the products.

Epistar notes that its patents protect the company’s research and development efforts, and cover the fundamental technologies that the company’s engineers invented. Therefore, the filing of the patent infringement complaint against All Star Lighting Supplies is intended to protect Epistar’s work in research and development and to maintain its patent rights.

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