All American Partners with LED Engin, Inc. to Offer Emitters, Lenses, and Modules

All American Semiconductor has expanded its LED product offering by partnering with LED Engin, Inc. to offer a full range of high brightness, compact emitters, lenses and modules. LED Engin develops, manufactures, and sells LED emitters, optics components, and LED light source modules in a high-lumen density, compact, multi-die package. LED Engin emitters are used in applications ranging from architectural, stage and studio, high and low bay lighting, downlighting and general lighting as well as many industrial applications.

“We’re excited to expand our LED product offering by partnering with Led Engin for their LED Emitters, Lenses and LuxSpot products,” said Cory Dana of All American. A leading distributor of electronic components, All American will design, sell and market Led Engin as one of their premier LED suppliers while maintaining inventory of the LED Emitters and complimentary Lenses. 

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